Making a fresh start

Over the next 12 weeks, we'll send you simple tips, videos and tools to support you on your journey. 


The video above is the first of three videos presented by Dr Tony Willis to support you on your Fresh Start journey. 


You can also visit Know Diabetes, a website for people living with diabetes in North West London. It has lots of information on looking after yourself and living life to the full. 


Whatever your goal - losing weight, stopping medication, getting active or something else - we're here to help make your fresh start as easy as possible. 


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The pandemic has changed so many things about life and what we take for granted. But with every threat, there's an opportunity. For many people at your GP practice, it's been a chance to take a new look at life priorities and make a healthier fresh start. 


You'll find tips on getting more active, weight loss, and low carb in the Be Healthier section of the Know Diabetes website, as well as support if you're feeling low or having difficulty sleeping.  


If you want to understand your body better, the Know More section is there to help you get started.  


Our free resources section has lots of tools to help you on your way. 


Why not get started today? 


Watch this short video explaining how Fatima took control of her diabetes

"Looking after my health today gives me a better hope for tomorrow"

Surinder managed to get off medication. Find out how.

Learn how Patrick made a fresh start and improved his health beyond expectations.

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