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Remission is possible

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Yes, you can reverse your diabetes!


Doctors used to think that once someone had type 2 diabetes it was all downhill. But we now know that many people with type 2 diabetes can reverse it.


Reversing your diabetes is called “putting it in remission.” Remission means having healthy blood sugar levels and not taking diabetes medication.


Most people we speak to want to lose weight and get rid of their diabetes. Losing 10kg (one and a half stone) gives you about a 75% chance of getting into remission.


Even losing as little as 5kg is likely to help you get off at least some medication. You'll also reduce your risk of dementia, heart disease, cancer and arthritis, improve your quality of life and remain independent for longer.


You can join thousands of others making remission their mission this year, by starting your journey today.

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“The programme has literally been a lifesaver for me and has improved the quality of my life beyond expectation.” Mike



The DiRECT (Diabetes REmission Clinical Trial) study, was a catalyst in the way we think about type 2 diabetes in England. Nearly half the patients in the DiRECT study were able to get into remission, by losing an average of 10kg. Now NHS England are rolling the programme out across the whole of England.


Losing this weight helps your pancreas to get working again producing insulin.


There are 3 steps involved:

  • Step 1. Low calorie soups and shakes diet - 3 months
  • Step 2. Reintroduce normal food - 3 months
  • Step 3. Ongoing support to keep weight off - 6 months

You'll receive regular support by phone or video from an expert team all along the journey and be inspired by others making remission their mission. 

Many people achieve remission from type 2 diabetes



"Your type 2 diabetes has been caused by less than half a gram of fat inside your pancreas...the only way of decreasing this fat is to decrease the total amount of fat in your body - not just by a few kilograms, but by a lot. Once this is crystal clear, escape from type 2 diabetes is within your grasp." - Professor Roy Taylor, lead investigator on the DiRECT study and author of "Life Without Diabetes."

Thousands of people across the UK are achieving remission from type 2 diabetes. Find out how.

Tony lost weight and achieved remission on the DiRECT study. Watch his story.

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