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Heart beating with a smile


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Smiling and laughing while the heart is getting a workout, no medicine can do that.


How about killing two birds with one stone, and meeting up with friends and getting active at the same time?


Getting active in the way that’s right for you, and planning how you’ll keep going is key.


  • The rise of Walking Football in London is helping many rekindle an old passion. Find your nearest club here.
  • Swimming is non-weight bearing, so easy on the joints. Find a pool you like near you, on the fantastic Playfinder website.
  • Visit your free park gym, or find a pay as you go or low-cost gym. Many offer classes for all fitness levels. An excellent way to try one out is to see if it offers free gym passes or introductory visits.
  • If pain or disability limits your activity levels, an Exercise On Referral programme might be an option. These programmes often give you discounted memberships and specialised instructors.


Call or message some friends and family today and ask them to get active with you.


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Get social, make new friends, meet with old friends and get your heart "beating" - it's the secret to ageing well.

More than just a game. Make friends and score goals.

“Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind.”

– Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Get stronger and fitter. Soon the aches and pains can disappear.

Ian's weekly dose of tennis is his favourite medicine. Just a friendly knock-up, it's great.


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