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Coping with emotions


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A Diabetes UK survey of people with diabetes revealed that more than 70% of people with diabetes have struggled with their mental health at some point.


Sometimes managing life with diabetes can feel overwhelming.


You may struggle to try and balance the challenge of caring for others with looking after your own health. The shock of diagnosis, making lifestyle changes, getting regular check-ups or remembering to take medication can all have an impact.


It's common to experience anxietydepression or what we call diabetes distress - a sense of feeling overwhelmed or of failing in some way.


That's why we've put together some valuable insights on how to cope when things are hard and where to get help.


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Getting emotional and psychological support from your healthcare team is one of the key things you're entitled to as part of your diabetes care. 


Make sure you get the support you need by following these steps when you see your healthcare team:


Write down your thoughts, feelings and questions before your appointment.

Ask someone you trust to go with you to your appointments.

If a carer or someone close to you comes to your appointment with you, ask them to make notes so that you don’t have to worry about remembering every detail.

Be honest about your health and how you’re really feeling.

Get the information you need, at your own pace.

Understand your new responsibilities and the part you play in managing your diabetes.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re struggling, however small or big the issue feels.


If you're struggling, you can either ask your healthcare team to refer you for psychological support or refer yourself using the link below. It's good to talk, it's free and it's confidential.


“The psychologist showed me my feelings were justified and I wasn't doing everything wrong. It felt like someone understood what it was like.” - Zena


Zena struggled with managing her diabetes, but found that getting referred to a psychologist was really helpful. This short video tells her story.



"Your body hears everything your mind says." - Naomi Judd

Dr Amrit Sachar, consultant psychiatrist at West London Health Trust, provides some valuable insights into some of the mental health challenges that having diabetes brings.

Watch this short video full of relaxation tips from Mind, the mental health charity.

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