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Happy feet


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It's time to make friends with your feet!


Diabetes puts you at a much higher risk of developing foot problems. Being aware of these will help you look after your feet.


One problem which diabetes can cause is damage to the nerves to your foot.


This is called diabetic neuropathy.


Diabetic neuropathy effects can include:

  1. A loss of feeling in your foot which means you may not notice an injury or wound to your foot.
  2. Muscle weakness in your feet which can change your foot shape, for instance, lead to curled toes or a high arch. This may result in hard skin and ulcers on pressure points.
  3. Reduced sweating in your feet which causes dry, cracked skin, and increases the risk of skin infections.


Diabetes can also affect the arteries affecting your feet, causing problems with the circulation.


Nerve damage and blood circulation problems can result in serious foot damage including ulceration and infection. If these aren't treated, the worst-case scenario is amputation. But, there's lots you can do to make sure you don't have problems with your feet.


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Given that your feet are so important, what steps can you take to look after them?


  1. If you smoke, get help to stop smoking. Stopping smoking halves your risk of amputation. Get help here.
  2. Keep on top of your blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. Learn more about how you can remain in charge.
  3. Check your feet every day, particularly if you know you have foot problems. Diabetes UK has produced a "Touch your Toes" leaflet, which provides information on how to check your feet at home.
  4. Losing weight reduces your risk. Discover what weight loss programmes might be available to you. You can also find more information here lose weight.
  5. Annual check. Make sure that you get your feet checked at least once a year by a health professional - or more often if there are problems. Read this Diabetes UK leaflet to learn more about what to expect at your annual foot check.


Diabetes UK has produced the "Simple Steps to Healthy Feet" leaflet, which provides useful information.

Want to know how to check your feet at home? Learn how with this #PuttingFeetFirst video from Diabetes UK.



"Look after your feet and put them first. They will thank you."


Watch our "Love Your Feet" video series to understand more about looking after your feet.

How do you know if a foot wound needs urgent attention? Watch this 1-minute video to find out.

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